Shop Tour: Leftover Luxuries

Once-in-a-while consignment sales seem to be popping up here and there these days. I have to say that I love the idea. Once per season, a themed sale (kids clothes, home furnishings, women's clothing, etc.) is held for a few days. Between sales, the organizers visit potential consignors to assess their items.

Leftover Luxuries combines home furnishings and high end women's clothing for a three days sale. The first event opened today in Charlottesville and future events are planned for other regions (Connecticut, Utah and California are already on the calendar). I was impressed by a lot of the merchandise. I actually walked around with a Jonathan Adler light fixture for a while before surrendering it to the table that seems to have been stocked by The Shade Shop. I just don't have a place for this beauty right now.

A few other items jumped out at me. First, there was this beautiful chair, going for $200:

Then there was this little night stand from Kenny Ball Antiques that half the design blog community would probably like to paint right now. I think this was going for something like $85, but my memory could be wrong.

There's so, so much more. I had no intention of buying anything in light of those hot floors I'm about to purchase, but even I walked out with a new bag. Click through this slide show to see more from both the home furnishings side of the sale and the accessories side (there were tables and tables of shoes and bags from great designers). Be sure to check out the lighting, the shoes (!), and the green, velvet sofa. There's some beautiful stuff there!

The sale is being held at the old MacGregor Antiques store in Seminole Square and runs through Monday. Another Charlottesville sale is already being planned for May.
Check the website for details about the sales in other regions.


  1. Hey, Jeannine.
    Thanks for the mention, and yes - there are some REALLY cool lights from The Shade Shop. This event is going to be HUGE!!!!

  2. Why can't these things ever come here? Every consignment shop in NYC charges 80% of retail which is really ridiculous.

    Love that chair!

  3. This consignment sale looks AMAZING. I would have a field day there. That light fixture was so great. How much was it going for? I can't get over all of those great pieces in the slideshow!

  4. The Adler pendant was $100 and I think it usually goes for somewhere around $175-$200. I seriously considered buying it and putting it away, but I don't want to get into that habit. There was another Adler fixture and a bunch more that were gorgeous.

  5. Oooh I wish I was still there so I could go! I sent my mom the link - I love that green velvet sofa and the barrel back cane chair. What fun!

  6. Holy cow! That light would have had stars in my eyes, too. And I, for one, would never have painted that awesome nightstand!

  7. This is an incredible sale. If I wasn't going on vacation Monday I'd head over there tomorrow to check it out. Thanks for you kind comment on Ragland. I was sorry to hear you went all the way out to Matthews and it was closed.

  8. i didn't know about this!! cool stuff - esp. the shoes!
    but i'm curious about the things from kenny ball and the shade shop....why would they put merchandise in this space? they already have a store. (maybe i'm not understanding the concept...)


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