Queen of Cashmere!

I got a surprise in the mail yesterday. I couldn't remember what I had ordered and when I saw the return address on the package I realized that I hadn't ordered anything! The pillow I won from Erin of Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore arrived! You may remember that I asked for some suggestions for color combinations last month when I won that giveaway.

Do you like the colors I picked? I went for a classic combination that will work when I change my color scheme (it's only a matter of time, right?). I was tempted to go for something funky and different, but I think it was right to go with classic colors.

Oops! I smooshed the corner a little bit.

I'm so thankful to Caron Slimak of Queen of Cashmere. This was such a huge gift. I love it!


  1. Very pretty! I am also drawn to fun color combinations and yet I usually end up getting the more neutral, practical ones. But then they go with everything. I have to watch myself, I tend to do this with clothing purchases too, and clothes should be more fun!

  2. LOVE that pillow, it looks perfect in the chair next to your new art :)


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