In the Tweeds is on the move

If you're part of the design blog community I'm sure you read In the Tweeds. If you're not, you may remember that I mentioned Leila from In the Tweeds a few weeks ago, in a post about a mantle project that she had to abandon because of a move to Mississippi. Leila's mother brought the mantle to Saint Peter's Attic, a consignment shop in Ivy (right near And George and House of Jacobus).

Leila stopped in Charlottesville for a few days to visit her family before continuing down south and we got together to chat last Saturday morning. After getting sufficiently caffeinated, we decided to pay the mantle a visit. When we finally spotted it (the owner of the store had to point it out to us because there is so much to see in the house!), I was shocked by how big it was. I can only imagine how long it took to strip the paint off this thing.

If anyone is looking for a project, this is waiting at Saint Peter's Attic. Hurry over there...this elk is willing to fight you for it.

No, wait. Two elks are willing to fight you for it!

The shop owner told us that the house used to be an inn and the ginormous trophies (there are three total) came with the place. I think I would have asked for a price reduction.

Happy moving, Leila! I know the design blog crowd can't wait to see what you do with this diamond in the rough!


  1. What a gorgeous mantle. No idea where I would put it. Your elk comments made me laugh! Thanks.

  2. Jeannine! It was so fun to (finally) meet you! I think the mantle was happy to see us. :) I'm still having nightmares from those giant elk heads! Thanks for the blog love!


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