Floors ordered!

In a completely uncharacteristic move, I ordered floors without a week of indecision. Am I scared after reading some of the comments about how dust and fur shows up on dark floors? Yes. Have I convinced myself that I'll Swiffer or vacuum daily? You betcha.

Just as I sometimes teeter around in less than comfortable shoes, I'm okay with suffering a little bit for a nice look. In fact, I think I'm more comfortable with high maintenance home furnishings (have you seen my marble bathroom?) than clothing and accessories these days.

I might have to look back at this post in a few weeks when I'm waging a war against Baxter's fur balls.

Here's my really bad mock up of the floors in the living room:

My photo editing skills leave a lot to be desired, huh?


  1. I love the look of dark wood floors and can't wait to see your (real) ones! :)

  2. They ARE going to look GREAT! Especially with the light blue/gray walls!! Even if you do have to swiffer daily. ;)

  3. You know, as a girl with allergies, I can't say that it's a GOOD thing to have floors that hide dust well. If it's there, it must be cleaned up! You will love these floors. And, 'Swiffering' is pretty fun while blasting Britney Spears. Just a tip for ya.

  4. Good call on the floors. I bet you can't wait to have floors again!

  5. Another thing you'll have to keep clean - doggie drool shows up on dark wood floors (at least on ours). We use the Bona cleaning mops, etc. to keep ours clean. A word of caution, though - spraying too much can make the floors look hazy and require another cleaning.

  6. Jeannine, you are the sweetest! I didn't realize until now that you live in Cville! We just got dinner, we're at some hotel near the airport? Thankfully we got rescheduled for a 6am flight tomm. morning so cross you fingers this goes smoothly! I have a 10am meeting in Columbus Ohio Thursday morning so need to make it out!

    BTW, Charlottesville is charming!

  7. gurl...I am feeling your pain! But no one warned me!! At least my dogs are black so their hair blends in with the floor. What is killing me is all the paw prints! You will love it though, and nothing is wrong with daily (hourly) vacuuming! haha

  8. Congrats on your new purchase!!! To ease your mind a little - I have dark hardwood floors and I love them. People don't realize that yes living with lighter floors mean you have to clean them less but it also means you are living with dirty floors. I much prefer knowing that I love my floors and that they are cleaner for it!!!


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