Cheap, little fixes

Back when I first moved into my place, I was in love with Bernhardt furniture. At the time, a lot of what they were doing fit my style. Martha Stewart had just debuted a line with the company and while I wasn't a Martha fan back when, I bought a few things from the collection, including my coffee table.

Five years later, I still love my coffee table...square, two tiered, with black glass, it hides my magazine stacks quite well. Unfortunately, I've noticed some scratches on the black paint that coats the glass. They keep showing up on the lower piece of glass, so perhaps I've hit the glass with the vacuum. Regardless, the scratches started getting more noticeable.

For some reason, I kept thinking I'd have to send the glass out to have it repaired. At the craft store over the weekend, I realized that there's this simple product called glass paint. Normally, you'd bake something painted in this sort of paint, but I figured I would give it a shot. The 50% off coupon I got in the mail for the craft store made this a pretty cheap experiment.

Total cost: $3

Anyone else have a cheap fix to share? As I've stated before, I'm not especially crafty, so I don't naturally think of a craft store solution to household problems.


  1. this post is reminding me of your boyfriend's glass table. whatever happened to it?

  2. I love that coffee table! It's impressive how well that paint covered the scratches.


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