Jane from The Borrowed Abode made a comment the other day asking to see the rest of the living room. I guess you all have noticed that I've shared pictures of each end of the room (drapes over French doors on one end, Olivia on the other), but I haven't posted about much else.

Well, there's a reason. Up until last week, I had a big, clunky Sony Wega TV sitting on top of the console I bought last summer. I kept telling myself that I would upgrade, but I kept putting it off.

Last weekend, I went into Crutchfield (the electronics company is based in Charlottesville and we have brick and mortar stores here) and found a Samsung HDTV in the outlet section of the store for an amazing price. The Crutchfield outlet is just a section of the store where they put catalog returns. Most of the models in the section are current, but have open boxes, so I guess they can't be sold as new.

I "slept on it" for two days. I measured. I debated. I finally realized that I needed a slightly smaller screen than the one that was in the outlet. What looks great in the 3000 square foot store definitely doesn't translate to a condo!

So I wound up with a 37", which seems like the right size for the space.

I can't believe I waited so long to upgrade.

You might remember that I have a post about letting the TV be exposed a while back. I don't think people need to hide their TVs anymore. I used to tuck mine away in an armoire, but that was when sleek, flat screens weren't around.


  1. I don't think you need to hide your TV anymore. After we listed our house we tucked ours in a armoire but I love them out in the open. I got my pillow. Thanks so much. I will take a picture soon.

  2. Nice! I actually like the look of the newer slimmer tv's. I went from hiding mine away to having out as well :).

  3. Sorry to put you on the spot! I was more teasing than anything :)

    These flat-screen TVs are such a breath of fresh air for living rooms. I don't have a TV because I am not ready to spend money for a flat-screen, and I refuse to have an ugly old one in my living room. I agree, these flat-screens don't need to be hidden. Thank you, technology!

  4. Nice!

    In the fall we took the flat screen plunge to finally get rid our out gigantic 11 year old Sony TV. I have to say, not only is tv watching way more enjoyable (who knew people had eyeballs on tv? I couldn't see them before)
    But the style of the room looks so much better without the monster taking up about half of it.

  5. Love how yours looks with those lamps. I have been going back and forth about the "hide it" issue and just finally decided on a TV lift system. I put a deposit on a custom cabinet with a Nexus 21 lift. The cabinet company will do drawings for approval before we finalize the job.

  6. Oooh looks so good! It took me forever to upgrade too, don't feel bad!

  7. You won't regret the flat screen although each of the manufacturers that I've had experience with have some quirks. My Samsung started making clicking sounds about a year after purchase each time that I turned it on. Seems that the capacitors are not the correct size for the tv. It went out just after the 1-year warranty and cost about $175 to repair. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but if I had known, I would have contacted Samsung when the problem first occurred and not after the warranty ran out. Just about all the flat screen tv's have one issue or another; it's not limited to Samsung. Other than that, we have really enjoyed our Samsung and we had a huge Sony too.

  8. I've always tried to embrace the european thing of openly displaying electronics even in formal, traditional spaces, but it's a whole lot easier when they are as attractive as the new tvs. And I'm not a big tv person, but once you get a flat sreen, it's hard to go back.

  9. Love the Urn lamps from RH on either side of the tv. I have them in antique brass.


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