A teaser post

My 200th post is a teaser. I've been chuckling at the thought of my neighbors looking into my patio doors and seeing a huge, beautiful sheep staring back at them.

More soon...


  1. Well, there are worse things you could see staring back at you through a patio door!! ;-)

    Thanks for your comment on my post about Kylie, and tell Baxter thanks for sending the kisses :-) Yes, I've heard of Rainbow Bridge. It does make it a bit easier to think that Kylie is happy & healthy & off playing with other dogs somewhere right now :-)


  2. They shouldn't be peeking in the first place, right?

  3. LOVE. IT. Your neighbors are lucky getting to see Olivia!

  4. All of our patio doors face the sidewalk, so it's hard not to look over into people's condos as you walk around our little neighborhood. I spend a lot of time waving and Baxter spends a lot of time wagging at the door as people walk by. :)


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