A project gets passed down

You may know the blog In the Tweeds, written by NOVA girl Leila. Leila and her husband are are leaving the Old Dominion soon. They're heading back to Vicksburg, MS where there's a cute house waiting for their creative touch. Is it sad that my first thought upon reading her announcement was about all the fun, new projects she'll have in her new house?

Anyway, Leila was in the middle of a project that she now has to abandon. Someone needs to take it on. If you live somewhere near Central Virginia, that someone could be you.

Here's the deal.

Leila searched antique stores for a wood mantle that she could restore. She found it at Lucketts in Leesburg.

She took great care to strip the old (probably lead filled) paint off.

Then she stripped it again because the first product she used didn't the the job.

After many hours, she had most of the old paint off and shared pictures of the beautiful wood that had been covered up long ago.

The mantle can't go to Vicksburg, so Leila's mother took it to a thrift shop here in Charlottesville. Some lucky person is going to have an easy time finishing the job that Leila started.

Want it? The mantle is at Saint Peter's Attic in Ivy. Saint Peter's Attic is a new consignment shop that's located in Halifax House. It's right by And George and House of Jacobus. Turn off Ivy Road at House of Jacobus and head left up to the house.

If you get it, please email me. I would love to share a picture or two of the mantle in its new home with Leila. Oh, and keep in mind this thing is huge. Leila told me that she is 5'9" and it comes up to her chin.

Sorry for posting this, Leila, but it shows how big the mantle is!

The official address of Saint Peter's Attic:
3449 Ivy Road, Route 250
Charlottesville, VA 22903

They're open Tuesday - Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM


  1. Boy, that mantle looks as if it could speak volumes.
    Thanks for your kind comments in regard to my twins exam.
    Any and all tips are welcome. I think they feel confident and are smart boys, they will do their best.

  2. I wish I was in the area, I would give it a good home.

  3. I Love Lucketts! Lauren from Pure Style Home told us to go.... It's AMAZING! Great JOB!!!

  4. I love Saint Peter's Attic!! Lots of cool stuff, always something new.


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