If you're a regular reader, you are probably happy that the posts gushing over Olivia are over now.

Two weeks ago, I picked Olivia up from A & D Custom Framing in McLean and brought her home. Last week, I had the thermostat that hogs space in the middle of the wall that would be her home moved and upgraded (more on that later this week). She was finally hung last Friday.

On Saturday, I stopped into Pillow Mint in downtown Charlottesville (if you're a design blogger, you probably already know owner Anita Davis' blog) and found a great pillow to tie the other colors in the living room (black and yellow) in with the Olivia's blue background and the gray-blue walls of the living room. Bonus: the pillow was on sale for 40% (there's always a sale at Pillow Mint!).

I'm pretty happy with how things turned out! Any thoughts on the garden seat? Should I leave it white? Or, should I put a different table between the chairs (I have a bronze-ish, round campaign table) and move forward with painting the garden seat yellow to use in a different part of the room?


  1. Olivia looks great! I don't mind the garden stool white - maybe placing something of color on it will suffice?

  2. I love Olivia~ gush all you want!

    For the garden seat: I love it, but it blends in with the two chairs where it is. I agree with @My Notting Hill, placing something with color on top might bring more attention to it.

  3. Love her! Her stare is haunting :)

    I think the existing table is too small for the scale of the chairs. If you had something a little more substantial looking, that might balance it better.

  4. Olivia! She's beautiful.
    The pillow looks so good; thanks for the shout-out!
    I agree with Mrs. Limestone -- I'd try the other table between the chairs...

  5. She looks so great all framed and hug there- I really love the colors in her and your new pillow!!

  6. I love it. I would move the garden stool to another place and put a yellow vase, picture frame, something on top instead of painting. It is so nice in white! Definitely try the bronze table in between the chairs.

  7. Isn't Anita just the best? Beautiful pillow!


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