I told you I was bad at spray painting

This is just a flower pot. I'm afraid to paint my garden seat. I took it slowly and I still got drips!


  1. I really don't see any drips in that picture.

    But I think its normal to get a drip here and there. A can of spray paint is never going to spray perfectly - you'd need professional equipment for that. No one will notice the little imperfections.

    PS: Love the color - whats the brand and color name?

  2. I remember hearing that when using a spray can you need to start and finish the spray off the item. If you have drips, you might want to lightly sand them, then try again. Good luck, and that's a nice color that will look great when filled with flowers some Spring.

  3. It really doesn't look that bad...but remember, also, that it takes practice to get it down perfectly. Keep trying! Don't hold the can too close to the item being sprayed. That helped me.

  4. Eileen is right. Start and stop the spraying away from the item. it helps to prevent drips. short bursts. less is more. you can always give it a second coat.



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