HGTV does Hoarders

Hoarders is my guilty pleasure. I find it captivating...but I've always been fascinated by human behavior. I like to see the therapists adapt to the different personalities on the show. Like most, I love seeing that "ah ha" moment (though once in a while, it doesn't happen).

I also like that I can't just sit and watch the show. I have to clean while it's on. I guess that's my own compulsion.

Anyway, I was a little surprised a while back when a rep from Scripps Networks (the company behind HGTV, Food Network, FLN, and others) asked an online focus group about Hoarders. That show is on A&E, which isn't a Scripps Network. Tonight, I found out why we were asked about that show. They're doing their own version.

Meet life coach Fran Harris:

She's the star of a new HGTV show called Home Rules. From the 30 second clip I was able to see, it looks like it's somewhere between Clean House and Hoarders.



It's about time Home & Garden Television got involved in the treatment of mental illnesses. There aren't enough channels getting involved in issues completely unrelated to their format.

And I could use another show to help me tackle the mess in the front hall closet.

Fran Harris, is a "life coach" and a video on YouTube says she has a Ph.D. However, the videos she has posted to the site make her look like a motivational speaker who sells get rich quick products.

The bio on her website doesn't offer any education credentials. Being an academic, I can tell you that most Ph.D.s are very happy to disclose that they have their doctorate. She was a basketball player at University of Texas, but I can't find any information about her undergraduate or graduate degrees.


  1. Sounds like rock solid programming! I do love Hoarders though. I used to watch How Clean Is Your House and I would find myself dysinfecting everything. I don't know how to spell disenfect. That's not it either. Sigh.

  2. I love Hoarders. Its awful but I can't look away.

    I have a feeling that HGTV won't do quite as good of a job of it but you never know.


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