Cleaning advice needed

My boyfriend finally let me get my hands on a table I spotted long ago at his house. It was stuck in a dark corner, forgotten, with evidence of neglect and a wilder time all over it. He had no idea what had spilled on it. I had my thoughts, but stayed quiet as I started to scrub.

Here's how the table arrived at my place. Ick! It looks like it could be on the Hoarders show.

Don't ask. It's gross.

After a quick once over with window cleaner and a Mr. Clean Eraser, it was looking pretty good.

Upon closer inspection, there's a spill on it that didn't come up with my quick cleaning. I started throwing my entire cleaning arsenal at it. A soak in glass cleaner did nothing. Goo Gone did nothing. Scrubbing with the rough side of a sponge pad did nothing. I'm up to my whit's end. It's a cool table, but if I can't clean it, it's pretty much ruined.

Picture taken with flash to show the spill

By the way, I've been pretty disappointed by Method window cleaner. I bought a bottle a few months ago and can't stand the streaks and wimpy cleaning power of the stuff. Does anyone have a better suggestion for a window cleaning that might be a tad eco-friendly? To be honest, I'm about to switch back to Windex. I have to use a ton of Method to do jobs that a spray or two of Windex used to do. What good is an eco-friendly brand if you have to consume three times as much product to use it?


  1. Try Clorox Greenworks (fabulous!)and a dull knife edge or your fingernail.

    Try saturating the top for awile and then use the knife/nail!

    Very cool table...keep trying!

    Rebecca in Newport News

  2. for the spill, try greased lightening.

    For eco-friendly window cleaner try Mrs. Meyers :)

    Awesome table!

  3. I kind of agree. I bought the Shaklee products and they aren't working well for me either. I use Greenworks. It's the clorox company so the company isn't green through and through like Method that is a green company in every way. The Greenworks product itself is green and it works. I do love Method's abrasive bathroom cleaner and floor cleaners though.

  4. Oh and... is it a greasy substance? If so, try putting dish soap on it. It works on olive oil. That will at least cut the greasiness and then you can try the goo gone again.

  5. I would suggest trying Whink. It's a rust remover (use rubber gloves)......if that doesn't work I would spray etch to frost the glass. Good luck!!

  6. It's not greasy. It's dry and it's ON there! I left Grease Lightening on it for a few change at all. I'm about to try a stiff brush. This is crazy.

    Boyfriend had a guess about what it was and if he's right, the liquid evaporated and left a resin of sorts behind. It got there in his early to mid twenties, and it isn't going anywhere. How that he told me that, I'm kind of laughing about it.

    The knife might to the trick. Thanks, ladies!

  7. if all else fails, get a new piece of glass. it shouldn't cost much for a table that size -- the place on high st. (i forget the name) is great to work with!!

  8. I was just about to suggest a new piece of glass....but I see that Anita said that already. :) That's what I vote for too.

    Good luck!!

  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah. New glass is cheeeeeeap! I bought a ton of it in college for my portfolio show.

  10. Love the table. Try True Value, you can get a piece of glass cut in that size for $10! I absolutely love Mrs. Meyers glass cleaner in basil. It's divine!

  11. Try heating it with a hairdryer -- if that softens it, you can scrape it off with a razor blade or the edge of a credit card.

  12. What about a razor blade, can you scrape it off carefully without scratching the glass?

  13. If it's a stain (like hard water), try Barkeepers friend or a powder water stain remover.

    As for windows, I discovered this product and it's great! No cleaner necesary and no streaks! Scotch Brite window microfiber cloth. You can buy them at Target for about $4. You just need to rinse in warm or hot water, squeeze excess water then wipe. No streaks and you can wash the cloth with your dishtowels. Perfect!


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