Capri slipcovers

For some reason, Ikea's Jennylund chair slipcovers are made so they don't reach the floor. It bothered me more I bought my pair (sort of an emergency purchase when I realized my sofa was going to take a little while to arrive). I like the petite scale of the chairs, so I'm keeping them, but I want to do something to make them a little more interesting.

Yeah, they're due to be washed

Stumbling upon the aisle in the fabric store where the Stitch Witchery is (one of my aunts couldn't believe I never heard of this stuff before my drapes project...where have I been?), I got to thinking about my options. I still have a massive roll of that wide, yellow grosgrain ribbon that I used on my drapes. Maybe I could use Velcro to add a grosgrain trim to the bottom of the slipcovers! I'd use Velcro so the ribbon could be removed for washing. Do you think it'll work?

Check out those mad photoshop skills! I need to attend to the pillow situation shortly.


  1. No idea if it will work but it sounds like it's worth a shot!

  2. Velcro would be pretty thick and look chubby, and change the way the skirt hangs a bit. Machine baste the top edge of ribbon to bottom of skirt with cheap thread and it will pull off without damage any time.

  3. Fringe!! I would totally add some neutral color fringe to those babies- very fun!

  4. I'd just baste it on. Seam ripper will take it right off if you get bored with it.

  5. hello pretty dog! you look just like my dog cooper!

    i'm having a hard time picturing what the ribbon will look like, but i agree with the comments above - baste it on and then decide what you think. i also like the fringe idea... although in my house i'm pretty sure the fringe = good place for dog fur to be trapped.

  6. Looks like a good idea.
    Love your blog. I added you to my blog list today.
    xo xo

  7. The slipcovers are uneven at the base - can you get the trim straight? I'm afraid that your eye will be drawn down to a shot of yellow that might drive you crazy. Baste them on and live with it for a few days!!

    I'm driving to C'ville to meet some friends for lunch today. Any suggestions? I'm so excited to be so close that I can pop over for lunch!!

  8. I think the suggestion people had to baste them on makes sense. The velcro will probably be too thick. I would wash the slipcovers first (if you haven't already) so they do the shrink thing before cuting and basting the ribbon.

  9. I see that everyone told you to baste the ribbon on, which would have been my suggestion too. don't own a sewing machine right? I think that YOU should definitely invest in one. Doesn't have to be super expensive. Spend about $150 and search for classes to get you started. I bet you will love it! Think of all the new projects you could start!

  10. Oh my goodness, is Baxter ever the perfect model or what. I just might steal this pooch from you, I love him so much!

    I do like the ribbon idea! Was also thinking adding a pleated row in a similar fabric (if you decide against the ribbon)would really make it look custom. I wonder how much a seamstress would charge for that--it sounds simple in theory.


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