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When I moved here, I thought the thermostat was in a funky location. It was placed pretty low and in the middle of the wall where I put my desk. It was so low that the heat from my monitor (or monitors if I'm working from home) would keep my thermostat off in the winter (thinking the room was warm enough) or running too much in the summer. What's more, the thermostat itself seemed like a relic, even though the place was built in 2004 or 2005. I was well aware that a programmable thermostat would be a "green" upgrade.

I wondered how much it could cost to move and upgrade the thermostat a few weeks ago. There's a dual stage heat pump involved in the HVAC in the building, so I wasn't confident about changing the thermostat myself and I most certainly wasn't confident about moving it over.

After soliciting referrals on the complex message board and then doing some research online, I called in Robertson Electric to do the job. After I chatted with the woman who answered the phone, she decided I needed a specific person for the job because "some of these guys are better than others about moving these things." Thanks to her, I got Timmy. Timmy's definitely been around a while and he was able to move the thermostat after making a hole in the wall that was smaller than a dime. It was impressive. I imagined chunks of drywall falling to the ground and there was barely any dust when he was done.

You can't see him, but Timmy is behind the wall, in my laundry room (which also houses the other side of that furnace). He was talking to me through the vents as he measured, telling me what he was up to.

I shouldn't have been surprised that this job revealed two boo-boos committed by the builders of the complex. First, they put the thermostats too low on the wall. Timmy said 60" is standard and mine was at least a foot too low. Second, they must have scheduled the electricians to come in before the walls were completed because the mud was put down around the thermostat. Check this out:

I now have an awesome Honeywall TH6220D1028 keeping my HCAV in check. I love having a programmable thermostat. No jumping out of bed after forgetting to turn the heat down or freezing my tail off as I run to turn the heat on the morning.

Oh, and the best part was the price: $300. It was a steal in light of the estimates I had been getting (over $400 for the thermostat, the installation, and the relocation).

Now if only there wasn't a massive, white furnace cover in the middle of my living room! Sadly, that's not going anywhere.


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  2. Wow, I've never seen a thermostat mudded around! I think your complex builders and our "toilet flushed hot water" Charleston house builders must have been collaborating! ;)

    yay for programmable thermostat!

  3. Sooooooooo now I want to see a photo from far away, showing where the new one is in relation to the old one. ;)


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