What's next for HGTV?

I just watched some teaser videos from HGTV and couldn't believe the direction these shows take the Scripps network.

Tough as Nails
First up, we have a show about Cindy Stumpo, a developer who builds homes in the Boston suburbs where I used to live (no joke, I moved six times during my Boston years). I was excited to see this little dynamo in action, but the show barely shows the behind the scenes design and build work. The teaser clip seems to focus on getting people to do their work, getting her daughters to get serious about the business, and getting her son (I swear, he must go to St. Sebs or Nobles) to do something other than hit balls at the McGolf driving range in Dedham.

Instead of showing this woman as if she's a chicken running around with no head, I hope the producers make this show about the business she runs. She has a budding empire and it's a shame to focus on silly family chit chat instead of the designing and building of beautiful homes.

Marriage Under Construction
As soon as I saw the teaser clip about this show, I thought that the idea pitched by a someone who reads blogs. A newlywed couple buys a fixer upper and I assume the show is going to follow them as they learn to renovate. It reminds me of the early years of Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone (though I highly doubt Steph swears like the wife on the show does), Brick City Love, Russet Street Reno, and 86'n It.

I think the show has promise. I just hope it focuses on the renovation and not the sarcastic bickering that gets hinted at a little bit in the teaser.

The Antonio Treatment
I'll be honest. I didn't like Antonio on Design Star and I think HGTV is kidding themselves if they think this obvious attempt to have a guy show will work.

The rooms in the clip were...interesting. Or, as Jenny would say $^%&in ugly. That Design Tard label she made is going to stick after people see this show.

I might actually prefer watching back to back to back Trash to Treasure segments from Design Cents over the show that produces this kitchen.


  1. Interesting preview! None of these really strike my fancy, except maybe Marriage Under Construction. Those rooms from the Antonio Treatment are pretty horrendous!

  2. Hey hey hey, Marriage Under Construction is sounding fun! Thanks for the shout out, sometimes I really do feel like home stuff is testing us to the limit.

  3. Don't get me started on how Antonio should NOT have won Design Star-I can get pretty obnoxious. I love me some Dan! Those rooms prove my point! Does anyone think that Antonio's show needs to be cancelled, STAT!

  4. marriage under construction has so much potential as an idea but the work they do on the actual show....leaves lots to be desired. this is the 3rd season for the show (filmed here in canada) and the design while it looks okay is usually rushed and could be a lot better (as can the construction). it's still fun to watch but on both cases as soon as filming was over the couple sold the place and moved on - i've heard that the buyer of the home from season 1 had LOTS of issues with work that was poorly done....

  5. ok so these are pretty crazy! It actually makes me want to see more of this insanity. Where can I see more ?


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