A New York City work in progress

My awesome aunt and uncle are at the tail end of a huge renovation and redesign project at their place in Manhattan. I don't have before pictures except for pictures from Thanksgiving dinners and birthday parties, but I thought I'd share a few pictures of what has been done in their place.

This was such a big job that they moved out for a few months. Their decorator is someone who gets spaces in magazines, but I get the sense that my aunt and uncle haven't been very happy with him lately, so I'll refrain from using his name. Hearing a few comments here and there make me wonder if all professional decorators do things like bill clients if a tear sheet is faxed from a store where they shopped. If my aunt even mentions his name at a shop, the shop contacts him and he bills her. She stopped using his name after the first few times.

Anyway, on to the pictures. Keep in mind this isn't totally done. They still have a lot of furniture to buy and the drapes need to be redone.

Isn't this a neat way to have privacy in the city without sacrificing light?

More pictures, with captions:


  1. I love milk glass too! I have a couple pieces, but not a collection, really. I collect silver napkin rings, especially if they have monograms or names on them. Some were obviously someone's anniversary gift, sporting the date and the couple's initials. I will only collect useful items, not things on a shelf that need to be dusted.

  2. The built-in bookcases look wonderful (and the light fixture in front of them is really nice). I really like the mirrored cubby with the dresser in the foyer as well. I hope the rest turns out well for them.

  3. ooh Sutton Place.


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