A little more holiday decorating

I've had the same 3M Command hooks on my windows and doors since the first winter I was here. They've held wreaths and other little, seasonal decorations for years. I decided to replace them this year, but every time I hung my wreaths, I a bit "thunk" about 20 minutes later.

What is going on? Why aren't they holding when the last set I used held for four years?

They I realized my problem. I upgraded on the wreaths. I used to have cheap, fake wreaths that I got at Michael's after one Christmas. They were light, so the mini hooks were adequate. This year, I scored the last four $7 evergreen wreaths at Lowes on Black Friday (around 6 PM, which is why I was so lucky...I didn't expect to find any left). They're considerably heavier.

In the Command hook section at the store (and yes, there's an entire section for them now), I couldn't believe the options. I have to admit I was annoyed that none of the packages recommend a weight for the hooks. What's the point of all the variety if you don't give a hint at the capacity of the different sizes? A pack of six, white, large hooks was about $8.50. A single green, large hooks was $3.75. I was miffed. Did the less visible color really warrant that much of a mark up? Well, they got me. I wound up spending over $15 on four hooks.

I followed the directions with precision and was finally rewarded. They held!

Remind me to buy some of the green hooks when they go on sale for 75% off after the holidays.

The holly that is not-so-artfully placed on those wreaths was a good little find. Target was selling boxes of "holly picks" for $6. I don't know if they were meant for wreaths/centerpieces or if they were supposed to be garnish for food, but they added a little color to the wreaths and I didn't have to fight with wired ribbon to coax it into the perfect bow.


  1. Wow, those wreaths were steals! They look so expensive!!

  2. Great wreaths! I almost bought a 3M Command Hook to hang our wreath too, but we ended up getting a $2 clear suction cup and it's held up so far. Those hooks are nice, but pricey!

  3. Very nice wreaths! Those 3M hooks are tricky... glad you found one that works :)

  4. They look great :) Love all your holiday decorating!


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