I spy really great milk glass!

While at my boyfriend's mother's house last weekend, I looked up in the kitchen and saw a lovely sight. Milk glass! Not just any milk glass, but an ornate milk glass set in lovely condition.

Down came the pitcher so I could take a better look. This set belonged to my boyfriend's grandmother. I thought it was pretty impressive.

While we chatted, this pretty vase came out of another cabinet along with some candle sticks. I'm not one to go antiquing, but I was getting excited as this stuff was coming out of the cabinets.

I used to collect blue and white pottery, but it never made me as excited as all this pretty milk glass. I don't think I want to collect anything at this point (how long has it been since I mentioned that I live in a 785 square foot condo?), but I could see collecting milk glass. It's so pretty!

Do you collect something? Do you display your collection or keep it tucked away? Do you collect as an investment or to make yourself happy?


  1. What a lovely collection she has! I have always loved milk glass, I find myself picking up pieces everytime I am out thrift shopping :)

  2. Those are very nice. I collect vintage aluminum trays and serving dishes - just for the look, as they never seem to appreciate in value.

  3. They really are pretty!
    I don't have any collections at the moment. I was thinking it might be cool to get some vintage cameras and display them together.

  4. We're not really big collectors, but I guess you could say we collect wine corks. We have them displayed in a big vase in our kitchen. My husband also has a large collection of beer bottles from around the world, but those are stored away until we get the basement finished. :)

  5. Oh, and those milk glass vases are beautiful!

  6. I'm back home in my old bedroom looking at four pieces of milk glass: a pair of lamps, a vase and a bowl. They not a part of a meaningfulncollection. They were just what I had in my room as a child. Seems to me, the lamps were purchased with Top Value stamps (ask your grandparents).


  7. I love milk glass. I only have one piece though. She has a wonderful collection!

  8. i just found a lot of milk glass for next to o, at savation army


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