How much is this going to cost?

I got a call from A & D Custom Framing last Tuesday saying that the John Matthew Moore print they were framing for me was ready to be picked up. I might head up to northern Virginia sometime this week to bring her home.

Here's a really bad mock up of the wall where the print will eventually hang:

The problem is that the space looks like this currently:

Why the builder put the thermostat in the middle of a wall is beyond me. I've always been annoyed by the placement (and by the fact that it's an old school, non-programmable model).

I wonder how much it would cost to move the thermostat over a few feet. I'm not interested in a DIY job. While I have someone in to move the thing, I might as well upgrade the thermostat to a programmable model, right? Anyone have any experience with this? Is it exorbitantly expensive?


  1. It would be an easy DIY job. The cost of a new thermostat is around 50-100, then the small amount of drywall to patch the old hole and then paint. I am sure if you have somebody come in and do it , it would cost well over $300.

  2. Your print is amazing! Love it! And I agree on SUPER annoying on the thermostat placement...

  3. I assume that's my Steve ;) - he switched out ours when we first moved in although we didn't move the location. Unless BGE ran off with it when we had our system replaced this past spring, we might actually have a mildly used programmable/digital one you can just have. . .

  4. I don't think it would cost much at all to get someone to do it for you... I had two new lights put in my kitchen (wire run through the wall, hole made, etc) and it cost $250 with supplies. A professional would do it quickly and be able to tell you if the new placement is up to code, etc. I think it will be worth it!

  5. Replacing a thermostat with a programmable one is easy DIY, however moving the entire thing could be difficult depending on how much wire you have to work with. I would hire out that part, and just have the new thermostat ready for them to install. They are only $30 or so at Home Desperate!


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