Gilt Group Fail

Remember how happy I was when I ordered a Serena & Lilly pillow from Gilt for an amazing price? I just got this email regarding my purchase:

Now, I understand when there are problems and I'm happy they tried to make it right by giving me a $25 credit, but I emailed back and forth with Gilt after that purchase to confirm the letter I ordered (because it didn't show up on the confirmation screen). I also recommended them to a friend who ordered the same item. I'll feel like a heel if her order is canceled, too.

One Kings Lane also had the same pillow for sale a few days later. I could have ordered it had I known Gilt didn't have the pillow I wanted.

This makes me a little leery of these "sale of the day" sites. I've ordered from OKL before (though the color of the item wasn't nearly as vibrant as the picture of the item and that item is now on sale at Gilt).

Has anyone else been disappointed with a purchase from one of these groups? I love window shopping, but after two not-so-great experiences, I'm not sure I want to take another chance on them.


  1. Ive looked at OKL a few times but I don't like how limited their selection is so I don't keep coming back. Ive never heard of the Gilt group but your experience soured me before I even knew it existed. i really hate when I get my ordered canceled.

  2. I ordered from Gilt two things that equaled $133. They put three holds on my account for days. One for the cost of each item, and one for the total. Frustrating! I wrote them and they told me the holds would drop when the items shipped. They did, but it didn't make me too happy with them. I have given them another chance because I really like some of the things they have to offer. We will see how this turns out. No holds yet!

  3. Grrr that's so annoying! I am a member of the Gilt group but have never ordered....

  4. Jeannine,
    I will get you the Serena & Lily pillow -- what letter?
    How much was Gilt offering it for? I'll match it.

  5. ooops -- spoke too soon. that's the goldenrod color (it's been discontinued.)
    so sorry.

  6. So, I've never used either of those sites (or heard of them for that matter) but I just want to do a public service announcement that is a joke! I will do a post on it soon, but the jist is that their customer service is terrible, they didn't send me an email when it shipped, they lie about the shipping times on their site, and it didn't come with a rug pad that was supposed to come free. I'm returning it.

  7. I've been keeping a close eye on OKL, so it's good to realize the potential issues.
    The Shade Shop

  8. Ugh! hate when this happens and it always takes months for the vendor to let you know they're OOS! :(

  9. final gilt verdict? boots came in, wrong size AND wrong color. best they will do is refund my money instead of store credit. Gilt Group fail is right!


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