Why is it so hard to buy some ribbon?!?

Buying 50 yards of grosgrain ribbon is harder than you'd think. Apparently, Schiff Mills, the people who make the grosgrain I want, sells their product to people who cater to hair bow enthusiasts. If you want to buy Schiff grosgrain, you can find oodles of websites that will sell it to you...in 5 yard pieces.

I finally found a site that sells entire rolls, which is considered wholesale. Then, I realized that the Schiff ribbon comes in 2.25" or 3" wide rolls. I had been banking on 2.5" bands. At this point, I'm so tired of thinking about this that I just want to be done with this, so I'm going to go for a 2.25" wide roll.


By the way, I tried to make that awesome ornament wreath that everyone is doing this year. Chalk up a big ol' fail for me. I had 40 ornaments and probably need 20 more to finish the project.


  1. Eddie makes everything look so easy! I have had a hard time making this wreath. Stringing the ornaments on isn't hard, but if you don't glue the tops on them, they start falling off in the middle! Mine is all different kinds of silver ornaments.

  2. Uh, that is why I don't attempt to make crafty things too often. I suck at glitzy holiday stuff.

  3. I made this Eddie wreath ha ha. What a trip!
    Also I am very good friends with Vera Schiff, the matriarch of the family who owns Shciff Mills. She has given me rolls and rolls of gross grain ribbon over the years. What color are you looking for?
    xo xo

  4. I made a variation on this and used foam balls covered in either yarn, ribbon or felt to bulk out the ornaments. http://driedfigsandwoodenspools.blogspot.com/2009/11/christmas-wreath-1.html

    You can buy a big old bag of those foam balls at Michaels and finish your wreath!


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