Shop and learn tonight at Sustain

I sometimes read entries about swank events written by the bloggers in larger cities with envy (hello, someone in Richmond better blog about the Eddie Ross event soon!).

In Charlottesville, we don't have many in store events. Our Junior League doesn't have a design house. In fact, no one has a design house. I haven't even heard of a garden tour in the city (there has been one in the more horsey suburbs). Jonathan Adler isn't going to be opening a store anytime soon. Anyway, when I got an email from Sustain, a beautiful, eco-friendly boutique I wrote about a few months ago before and after they opened, about an event tonight, I got excited.

This is Charlottesville's type of in-store's one with an environmental twist. I'll be there!

Do you get these sorts of invitations? Do you see the same people at the events? Will you bring me to the next one? :)


  1. Argh! I couldn't make it to the Eddie Ross event in Richmond. Sooooooooooo bummed!!!!!

  2. ha! I used to do the same thing (when living in Memphis, TN) and now I'm in Boston and attend 1% of the events I said I would. This sounds fun. I wish their business much success. It's a tough market these days for the world of retail! I heard on NPR that we've become a generation of savers...who would have thought.

  3. Don't worry, you're not the only one with serious design store & event envy!!

    Have fun at the Sustain event -- sounds like a fun evening for a good cause :-)


  4. Thank you so much for your blog on our event at Sustain! It was amazing! Sam, Dave and Sarah did a wonderful job showing pictures and talking about how important this cause for the Amazon is! We would love to get more emails so we can invite more people to future events. Please sign up for our newsletter at or call the store at 244-0028.

    Co owner of Sustain


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