Ribbon samples are in and I need your advice!

I ordered four shades of yellow ribbon for the grosgrain trim I'm thinking of adding to my drapes. I have to admit that I'm second guessing the colors I originally thought I'd use. I'd love some advice on these!

I couldn't buy samples of the widths I wanted, so this might be hard. I'll be ordering 2.5" or 3" ribbon.

Let's call them 4, 1, 2, and 3

1, 2, 3, 4

Close up of 1 and 2

Close up of 3 and 4

Here's what I'm thinking. #1 is a bit too beige. #2 is surprisingly cheerful. #3 is a bit too dark. #4 is almost an acid yellow in real life and is waaay too bright. I'm leaning towards #2. Before I got the samples, I was leaning towards 3 or 4.


  1. I like #2 the best. It's the best yellow.

  2. Hi Jeannine, I think I like #3 the best. It actually reminds me of the golden yellow used in Kelly Hoppen's room in the last Met Home (http://tinyurl.com/yhsrmhs), which I was just reading! But, I do like #2 as well.

  3. Agreed. At first glance I liked 3 the best, but I know the camera/computer skews the color a bit. Regardless, I'd say 1 and 4 are "no-way-jose!"

  4. Maybe the one that looks the most goldish??? But then you have to get a fishy like the one that died in our Kimpton hotel room. To match, dig?

  5. I just ordered #2. I couldn't stand it anymore. I'm too indecisive.


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