Drapery mock up

Wait until you seem my awesome mock up skills. You will be blown away by my use of MS Paint.

Yeah, I said MS Paint. I mostly post from a Mac, but there are times, especially when I'm on the road, that I'm on the PC only for a week at a time. So I haven't invested in Photoshop and still use MS Paint. If you have some free or nearly free Photoshop alternative that you recommend, please let me know. I've heard of a few for Mac, but haven't heard enough to actually download and start fiddling. I'm feeling old because the 25 year old me wouldn't have said that.

Anyway, here are mock ups of the cheapo drapes I bought on ebay with the different grosgrain bands on them. I should probably stop calling them cheap and call them inexpensive, right? Obviously, the bands are way more vibrant than they would be if they were actually in the photo. Hm. Maybe I should take a photo of the images and paste them in there.

Yellow vs. Lemonade...WWDD? (What Would Domino Do?)

I like the lemonade band in the mock up, but am worried that I like it because it isn't as bright. Is it going to look dingy in real life? Oh, why am I so indecisive when it comes to decisions in my own home? I can weigh in on other people's homes without any problem!


  1. I am the same way. I fear I'll be living with an oak kitchen table forever (shudder).

    I like lemonade - I think it blends better with the muted damask - but I would probably pin some ribbon to the drapes and live with the options for a couple of days.

  2. Jeannine,
    First of all, it is really nice to meet you... thank you so much for leaving me the information and the link to your rescue group..... I had NO idea that this was going on. You are my new hero, and indeed a puppy-angel. (oh, and you're really cute too!!) I am going to forward this on to dog lovers that I know. As I told my husband, I'm a rescue dog lover, how did I not know this was going on?? But, as you sadly know, pounds in the South are just so differnt than here. I can't tell you how surprised we were when we first moved here (almost 2 years ago now) and went to a neighboring town's shelter and there were only 2 dogs there....It is this gorgeous facilty, but they have in their bi-laws that they only take in animals from their own town... such a pity. Where in the North do you generally deliver your dogs?

    Secondly....Love your new drapes (and yes stop calling them cheap!;)and I think the lemonade looks the best too! I think the lemon is too high contrast and is a bit jarring. I don't think it looks dingy at all, but instead "rich."


  3. I'm also terrible at making decisions in my own home. Hence the constant state of flux. I'm great at weighing in for others too!

    I vote for lemonade now. Becuase the white in the drapes seems to be off-white. I think the bright yellow would match better if the white were a crisp, bright white.

    PS - if you sew it on, you can always change it later if you change your mind!

  4. I'm with you! I always need a second (or third? fourth?) opinion! My vote is for the lemonade option too - the tone of the yellow goes much better with the cream in the curtains. Look at me, using my interior design class' color theory vocab, ha!

    And BTW - you can get Photoshop Elements for like $100 (I bet you could find it for less!) - it's basically Photoshop but minus a lot of the heavy duty graphics stuff that I guess the real pros use?

  5. At first I picked Yellow, but the more I looked at the picture the Lemonade started to grow on me, so much so that it bumped Yellow out of the top spot.

    Can you do a temp mock up with safety pins and live with that for a few days to see if the color is right?

  6. I think you need to go with yellow (you only live once, why not live it in really bright colors?)

  7. The problem is that this ribbon isn't sold locally. If I try to get samples, I have to buy an entire board of the company's entire line of ribbon and to be frank, I have no need for a sample board of grosgrain ribbon!

    If anyone knows of a brick and mortar store in Central VA that sells Schiff Silk Mills ribbons, please let me know! Most stores sell the Offrey brand.

  8. I'm all for a punch of bright color but the lemonade goes better with the fabric. Have you looked on ebay for the ribbon? I've been suprised with the fabric I've been able to find on ebay.


  9. Lemonade! Like the PP said, the damask is muted which I think works better w/ the lemonade. I don't think it looks dingey at all.

    The bright yellow's lovely too but I feel that it overpowers the damask. I think the damask should be the star!

  10. Some of my friends use GIMP as a Photoshop alternative, which I believe is free. Also Picasa and Photoshop elements.


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