Do you close your drapes?

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I have window treatments on the brain these days. I'm embarrassed to say that just last night, I finished converting my rod pocket bedroom drapes into pinch pleat drapes. Pretty lame that I had one panel unfinished for the last few weeks, huh?

Tonight, I'll attempt to add the same drapery tape to my living room drapes. It's a tall order for one night!

All of this has me wondering if anyone, like me, draws their drapes. We never did this when I was young, but in my little condo, I like to close the drapes at night. I like that it blocks light a little more and it also insulates the windows a little bit. Since I hung the living room panels, I've noticed that there isn't such a stark contrast in temperature between the bedroom and living room.

By the way, I still haven't turned on the heat! I think this is the longest I've ever gone without it!


  1. I close the curtains at night, just so I don't feel so exposed. Also for the insulation :)

  2. We close our living room drapes at night - I don't want the whole world seeing in! And you're right - it makes a big temperature difference!

  3. Nope. Never. Curtains for me are about decoration not function but I have heard that it will make a big difference in your power bill so I need to try it.

  4. Yes when the sun comes in and hits my eyes even through the sheerweaves!!

  5. We close ours. My husband says he can see the street lights in through the windows at night if I don't:) I also lined them with black out material for when he has worked nights...he's a picky sleeper

  6. Oh yes, they are closed at night. We have streetlights that annoy outside the bedroom, and just like to be more private in the living room for tv time.

  7. I leave mine open since they are actually not long wide enough to cover the window. (I'm all looks, no substance.) But we do close our blinds.


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