Chico was at my house this weekend

The clean up of the flood on Saturday took hours. I called the emergency maintenance number for my complex at 6:45 AM and the clean up crew didn't start working until 11:30 AM. They spent about 3-4 hours in the condo above mine, where the big leak originated.

One bright spot was when Chico showed up.

Okay, it wasn't Candice's Chico, Chico Garcia. It was my Chico...the wet/dry vac carrying Chico. Thank goodness for him...he sucked all the water up, retrieved two toys from under the oven (Baxter must have lost them there as a puppy because I hadn't seen them in two years), vacuumed behind my fridge, and even pulled out my washing machine and dryer, climbed behind them, and cleaned back behind them, too.

There's Chico emptying the wet/dry vacuum tank

The negative: Chico and his boss left these monsters behind with the instructions that they were to run 24 hours per day until they came back.

You can't see them in this picture, but all the seams on the floor boards are peeling up

I'm waiting for Chico to come back and my insurance company to call. For now, I'm packing things up and trying to learn about flooring by reading everything I can online. Anyone have any experience with bamboo? Buying flooring online? Opinions about the big box stores? Some of what I'm reading online has be scared of the flooring from the mega stores. I'm thinking of buying online or using a small, local store.


  1. i am thinking of ordering flooring from 1aflooring online. i have no experience with them, but the research i've done has all been positive and the prices look good...

  2. We have a floating Ikea bamboo flooring in our kitchen and I hate it. It has these stupid spacers between the boards that collects every speck of dirt and 4 years of moderate wear is showing more than it should. We love the look and will consider bamboo in the future but there is no way I'll cheap out on it again.

    Good luck on your search for new floors!

  3. I mean bamboo is def. a sustainable flooring option if you're going down the green route...

  4. I would find a local installer and see what they recommend for flooring options. My friend and I picked out a nice laminate product from HOBO that had the underlayment attached, and the installer is having a hard time with it because of that underlayment. It's always a good idea to not only like the floor, but know what will happen after you buy it!

  5. I'm sorry about your mini-flood!
    For flooring, I'd focus on finding the best installers that you can find. Their hard work will really make the process more comfortable for you and make whatever product you buy shine. Try asking around or checking Angie's List.


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