Baxter's last dog bed

I wrote about trying to select a dog bed for Baxter a few months ago. Up until now, I've bought an inexpensive dog bed every other month at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Those dog beds were cute and cheap, but they never stood up to more than a few washings. I've probably spent about $300 on them over the last 2 1/2 years. Adding that up made it easy to justify buying a Crypton dog bed.

Crypton fabrics are "impenetrable" and the company's ads in Bark magazine show someone pouring a bucket of water on a bed as a dog looks on curiously. Charmed, by the ads, I looked them up online and was delighted by the variety of fabrics the company offered.

After much debate, I settled on a fabric, placed an order (and got 20% off with the code "messfree"), and waited. I think they make each bed to order because the wait was over a month for Baxter's bed. When it came, it was fluffy and substantial. It took Bax a while to tame the bed so that he could sleep on it, but he's now on the thing all the time. He's sleeping on the bed under my desk as I type this.

I think the $140 purchase was worth it. Do you splurge on your dog bed? I'm curious about how Orivs, LL Bean, and other expensive beds hold up over time.


  1. I love it! Bax looks stoked, LOL.

    We contemplated buying an Orvis bed after seeing it at our friends' was pretty nice & even had a "neck roll" on it so that the pooch can prop his head up. Which I thought was genius. Not the chic-est fabric though & they can range up to the $300's I think. What I really loved was the memory foam--it's so thick that the dog doesn't sink to the ground.

    Is this one pretty think? I'm really considering buying one for Hiro!!

  2. Oops, I meant "Is this one pretty thick"? Sorry!

  3. We have two Orvis dog beds for our yellow lab Gracie that we purchased a little over three years ago. One for downstairs next to the couch and one that she sleeps on every night in our room. Each is used like mad, daily. One is canvas and the other is cotton. The canvas one looks awesome still, but the cotton one has lost it's shape.

    It's probably time to get her new fill inserts. I may just replace the cotton bed entirely and just get a new insert for the canvas one though. Totally worth the cost. She LOVES them.

  4. Does "impenetrable" mean they can't chew them up? We have to buy a new doggie bed (from Costco) every couple months - one of our pups likes to pull out the stuffing. Might have to check this one out!

  5. I bought my cocker spaniel a bed from Upcountry. It wasn't incredibly expensive but it wasn't cheap either. The actual bed held up well but I have washed the removable cover a few times and the fabric frayed a lot but luckily it was in the inside of the bed so you can't tell when the cover is zipped up.

  6. No dog here but I just wanted to say I love the bed. You know I have a thing with damask.

  7. This bed is SUPER thick. At first, Baxter didin't even want to use it! There is one part that Bax hasn't smooshed down that is still 8" thick! The rest of it is about 6" thick.

    The only word of caution I have is that the fabric I picked is noisey! When Bax stands on the bed and circles to find the right spot, it sounds like someone is sanding wood! Haha...I joke that he does deliberately sands up and circles when it's time for breakfast. :)

    Micah, Baxter is out of his chewing phase, but the fabric seems very tough. I have definitely caught him "digging" into the bed to get a treat or toy that fell behind it, so I'm thinking it might be okay with puppy teeth. I know Orvis has "chew proof" beds, though.

  8. We used Crypton quite a bit at the first design firm I worked for, we did a lot of healthcare. It will literally last forever. I always say when I have kids I am going to upholster a sofa in it (most of my designer friends cringe at that thought)but they are making softer versions that look way better than the first generation.

    Whoever thought of making dog beds out of it is genius!

  9. He looks so cute on it!
    Mine has a hammock-style bed downstairs that is made with metal and a plastic material. I think it was expensive, but I'm not sure because it was a hand-me-down from my parents' dog. I've had it for years and all I have to do is wash the blanket I put on top of it. I think you were smart to do the math on this one- less waste and money in the long run!

  10. I just found your blog and I am loving it--your dining room is amazing!

    I have been interested in a Crypton bed for a while but have been nervous about spending so much money on a dog bed. I hope you will do an update in a while to let us know if you (and Baxter) still love it. I love the fabric choice you picked out--tres chic!

  11. Thanks for the review. We're in need of new dog beds at Service Dogs of Virginia and I've been trying to find beds that will last. I'd never heard of this company, but the specs seem good. I've added a couple of their beds to our wish list - fingers crossed. Keep us posted as to how it stands up in the wash.


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