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I just came across some pictures I took during a visit to my brother and sister-in-law's house a few weeks ago. Most of the pictures were of my adorable nephews, but I snapped a few of the art my sister-in-law put in their rooms.

I remember her saying that made these prints by herself by enlarging color images from some favorite children's books, matting them, and framing them. For my older nephew, she used illustrations from Le Petit Prince and for the younger, she used Curious George. Would you ever guess that these were made at home?

Pretty cute, huh? Has anyone else framed pages from books? I remember trying to do this with a few pages from a calendar a while back, but it didn't turn out well. It wound up looking like...framed calendar pages. Any tips for those interested in doing this from those with some experience?


  1. Those are just adorable. I would be afraid my attempts would be epic failures, so hopefully someone has some tips to getting this right.

    whenever it is that we have kids, I really want to do this with Babar pages.

  2. Ooh how cute! Those turned out REALLY well. I have a calendar of botanical prints I had planned to frame, but they're in the ever-growing "to do" pile! I did, though, buy a packet of vintage-looking alphabet cards which I plan to frame whenever we have a little one! Tell your sister-in-law great job!

  3. Aw, those are beautiful. I love the idea of using Babar or Good Night Moon!

  4. I love this idea! Now you've got me thinking about what I could frame for my daughter's room. Thanks! :-)

  5. Those turned out great! I will have to check back for any tips. We have a stack of vintage travel calendar pics to frame, but have been procrastinating since we are afraid they will look like framed calendar pics, like you said!
    Maybe the double matting makes a difference?

  6. When my sons were small, we had Tintin hung on the walls. I always love whimsical illustrations hung on the wall of nurseries or large posters framed when they get older.

  7. what a great idea!
    a friend of mine set out finger paints for her 2 little girls and they went to town for about a half an hour..
    then she framed them in fancy frames over the mantel in the living room, no one would guess they were done by a 2 and 4 year old..

  8. I love it! I've never seen that done before, but I think that is such a sweet way of adding artwork to a room.


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