Advice needed!

Last time I talked about having living room drapes made, I was in love with this Richloom fabric:

Unfortunately, the fabric is railroaded, so the pattern runs sideways, not vertically. It can't be used for drapes longer than the 54" bolt without some delicate piecing together, which I can't do.

After weeks of combing fabric stores, a few things happened. I fell in love with more expensive fabrics. I questioned my entire vision for the drapes. I changed my mind and looked for colorful fabrics. I even considered going without drapes entirely and just using the top-down-bottom-up fabric blinds that are on the windows. In the end, I really wanted drapes to add texture to the room, give the room some height, and to provide insulation from the cold and light when needed.

I decided to find something inexpensive to use in the living room for the time being. I stumbled upon an amazing deal for some 96" damask drapes on ebay and while they aren't made of a luxurious fabric, they have the weight and length I wanted. With a last minute, $41 bid, they were mine.

I've been thinking about adding a 3 inch, grosgrain band to the edges and then converting them into pinch pleat drapes like the panels in the bedroom. I thought buying the ribbon would be simple, but I'm debating between two, very similar colors.

Yellow (left) or Lemonade (right)

Part of me is saying "just pick one" while another wants me to poll you for opinions. What do you think? Yellow or lemonade?


  1. Absolutely lemonade. I have just made the same colour decision with a sisal rug and a border similar to your gorgeous drapes. Everyone in the showroom chose the lemonade colour... more neutral, versatile. Thanks for your insight into North Carolina on my blog! A-M xx

  2. I think The yellow is better...more pop. I think I know what you are going for (maybe a Domino-ish look?). I don't think you want neutral.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'm more undecided than I was last night right now!

  4. Do you have any yellow or lemonade accessories picked out to tie in the yellow? I'd match the ribbon to whatever other yellow items you'll have.
    Personally - I think I prefer the yellow. But it's hard to tell on a computer monitor!

  5. hmmm....I'm liking the lemonade color. I think the yellow color would be too bright and detract away from the drape pattern

  6. Lemonade! (I know, we're so helpful right? Are you even more undecided now?)

    Love the damask. What a score!


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