Who has time for projects?

The busy time of my year at work is starting and I'm afraid I won't be making many sweeping changes during the week for the next couple months. Case in point, the dramatic progress made in the hallway gallery last night:

I took my friend Letitia's advice and switched the sketches that were in two frames and hung one. Just one.

I think that many design bloggers, especially the new ones, feel that they have to post every day and show grand, sweeping changes constantly. Maybe we need to cut ourselves a break.


  1. YES! I totally get what you mean, it's hard to keep up with the people that post amazing renovations and projects on a daily basis. I'm lucky if my dishes get done on a daily basis. If blogging is stressful, then it's just not fun anymore.

  2. I do feel like I have to blog every day but not in a bad way. I think it keeps me accountable, even if it's just a picture of something in progress {like yestereday}.

    Ya gotta keep it real. Big sweeping changes don't happen overnight. Love a grand BEFORE & AFTER but I think seeing the process is really interesting.

  3. Jeanine, don't put so much pressure on yourself! Just enjoy bloggin when you can. Thanks for your visit!

  4. yeah i'm not talented like this, and I have no idea on detergent either since I struggle to find one for my family

    thanks for visiting me on my special sits day, I hope you had time to enter my giveaways!
    See you soon, The Buzz Brandy


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