Searching for striped fabric leads to distraction

I probably should have stuck to the online source I found for my living room drapes. I always get distracted when I go to the fabric store as I see some gorgeous sample that has no place in my house. I convinced myself that I was going to the store to take pictures for the blog, not for myself. So, I'll pretend I haven't been staring at the pictures, redecorating my house to fit some of the fabrics you're about to so into my space.

After picking up the pineapple lamps on Saturday, I drove up to Fabrics Unlimited, a discount fabric store a little bit outside of town. They only had the fabric I wanted in a different color, but said they could order mine. Their prices are great, though they have some pretty high requirements when it comes to yardage. They wanted a dollar less than the other source for my fabric, but they require me to order 18 yards of it and that eliminates the savings.

Some of the black and white patterns that caught my eye as I searched for my striped fabric:

This fabric has my seriously thinking about changing my plan. I love it!

That's velvet on linen. It felt so wonderful.

Some of the beautiful fabrics that don't work with my place, but were picture worthy:
Doesn't this one look like it belongs in a Ballard Designs catalog?

I'll take them all, thanks.

The remnant room. So many stacks, so little time.

Trim...they have bookcases full of the stuff.

Hello, gorgeous!

I'm headed out of town for business and might stop at another big fabric shop to see what I can find there. For now, I'm resisting the urge to abandon my original plan. There are so many lovely choices out there for drapes!


  1. The black and whites are gorgeous. I saw the same black/white fabric that looks like a rattan weave or bamboo... Almost bought that one.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Wow! I would have gone crazy in there too. I've been looking for fabric for my living room, and I keep getting off track too. There's just not enough room in my house for all the pretty fabric :) Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

  3. That looks like a really good fabric store. I was searching for a black and ivory striped fabric for months. I finally ordered some at Ballard Designs (to reupholster my dining room chairs) only to find the same fabric at 40% off at a local fabric store just a week later. Grrrr. I was angry.

    So glad I found you at SITS. I just joined last week and love it!

  4. Hey, I know exactly what you mean about feeling overwhelmed....I help people make fabric choices every day, but when it comes to my own house, I freak takes me FOREVER...I've always enjoyed Fabrics Unlimited!

  5. How fun! I, too, am loving the classy black and white fabrics available now. I find myself wishing I had another room to decorate just so I could incorporate those designs.

    Thanks for sharing - That store may be worth the drive from DC!

  6. You all are going to think I'm crazy, but after seeing the pictures on my blog, I'm liking the first fabric more and more! Maybe I won't be doing stripes!

  7. Would you believe there is nothing this good in Boston! I'm not joking. I moved to the north/big city thinking I would be surrounded by fun fabric stores and zero. There are better fabrics stores in Memphis, TN.

    I will never use the phrase "oh, well, we are in the south" ever again.

  8. Wait! Stephanie, I live in Boston for years! Did you find Zimmans in Lynn?

    Have you been to the fabric district near Chinatown? Windsor Button is worth a trip by itself. Winmil Fabrics is downtown, too, and is definitely worth a look. There are a bunch of places down there.

  9. I would be so overwhelmed by all that fabric! I don't know how I'd ever be able to choose anything.


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