My Craigslist find

I've been sharing some Craigslist finds lately and I thought I'd show you one I snapped up myself. I wasn't really in the market for new lamps, but when I saw a pair of "tropical" lamps in mint condition going for $15 on Craigslist, I had to get them. I had seen the exact lamps on Caitlin Creer's blog a few weeks ago and couldn't believe the price I was getting.

The price was probably in light of the grime that as caked on the lamps. The owner must have been a heavy smoker or just unable to clean. Every crevice of the lamp had dirty in it.

The electrical cords were also coated in something. I think it was tar because it was kind of stinky. Gross!

After half an hour, one lamp was clean. Check out the difference:

Another half hour after that, the lamps were clean. They are considerably larger than I expected. The pineapples are a little larger than real pineapples are.

Now I need to decide on shade colors and shapes. The original shades were in such bad shape that I put them right out by the dumpster. I doubt anyone will take them because they're discolored and worn.

I took the shades off some other lamps just to see how the colors looked. I don't think the shapes or sizes work...this is just to test the colors. I'm not sure if I'll go dark or light...maybe light since the neck of the lamp is wood.


  1. Hi there!

    So sorry I am late stopping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    Fantastic Blog! I wish I had your creative vision and eye for a bargain!

    The lamps look great.

    LBM xxxx

  2. i'm thinking the black shade...
    although i'm always partial to black lamp shades! i bet the folks at the shade shop could help!!

  3. Those really are a great find. I wonder if you could find something in between the black and white but to the darker end?

  4. What about painting the base? I like the darker shade. Classy

  5. What a great find- I love craigslist!

  6. I would do a BLACK shade but the style of the white one - a great combination. The cylindrical one does not do the lamp justice.
    The Shade Shop

  7. Stopping in from Sits!

    I LOVE those lamps--and I lOVE craigslist!

    Great find!

  8. Way to score! I'm wondering if you could find a neutral that would complement the wood tone in the lamp. I also wonder how a modern rectangular shade (I got one in white at Target) would look?

  9. I would do a black or dark brown shade (shade shop has them) but in the shape below or a classic drum shape (very tall to add drama!)

    thank you jonathan adler:)

    not really a fan of the white shade - too old ladyish for a young gal like you!


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