Measured praise for Lonny

I love the honesty of the internet. If I post on DecorPad that I'm about to so something stupid to my place, someone always jumps in to tell me, in a kind and firm way, that I'm making a mistake. I actually don't mind if people are brutally honest on the internet. It's probably why I get excited when Jenny from My Favorite and My Best goes off and says, in her own special way, what so many of us are thinking. I think I first found her when she coined the term "Designtard" for the contestants on this season's edition of HGTV Design Star. She's awesome.

Anyway, I love it when people are honest.

Today, the design blogsphere is all a-Twitter (hardy har-har) over the launch of online magazine Lonny, which comes to us from some of the lovely people who were involved in Domino. I have to admit that I have only flipped through the first 20 pages or so thus far and fully intend on reading through the entire magazine and drawing a conclusion then. So far, I like that you can hover over an item and see where it came from (and click to go to the source's website).

The blog comments about the magazine are promising, but I found it extremely refreshing to see Raina's more measured praise on her blog. I think she makes good points.

Go check out Lonny
and decide what you think.

BTW, am I missing something? Those of us who blog are going to have to take screen shots to reference articles and imagines from the magazine. Perhaps that's the intent - it'll be easier for us and better for them if we drive readers to them instead of lift their photos for use on our blogs.


  1. I thought the magazine looked great, but the writing was pretty ghastly. Spelling and grammatical errors and bad sentence structure. It looked like someone had used a thesaurus and picked out shiny new words to use that didn't really fit.


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