Monday, October 12, 2009

Is it too early to decorate for Halloween?

My patio doors

I might not be crafty, but I can buy stuff at Michael's like the best of them. I was so excited about the ravens and spiders I bought that I already put them up. It's not too early, right?

My living room...I'll be getting shades for those pineapple lamps any day now
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  1. Let me know when you want to get shades! It'll be fun to take pictures of the BEFORE and AFTER process. We'll provide you and all of your followers 20% off if they just mention that they follow your blog.
    The Shade Shop

  2. Not at all. I think it's the perfect time to decorate for Halloween.

  3. Not too early at all! I was in Crate & barrel yesterday and was shocked to see CHRISTMAS ornaments!

  4. Those are effing creepy. Creepy but wonderful!
    And we're less that 3 weeks away - definitely not too early. Although I've seen homes put up decorations the week school started and that is a little overboard! Even I won't do that!

  5. I almost wrote, "never," but that would have been a lie. I think it's okay any time in October. Those decals are too cute!

  6. I don't deco just for Halloween but my Fall scapes have been out since mid Sept.

  7. Its not to early at all. We've had Halloween decorations up in our apt since mid-September, and put decorations up outside the second it hit October! Of course, we get really excited when Halloween rolls around, so I might be a little biased ;)

  8. Love the spiders! I decorate a little bit for Halloween - will post pics soon - but I'm much more into fall. I just painted some dried gourds last night (just blogged about it) and that put me even more into the Fall mood. :-)

  9. I'm seasonal decor challenged. I buy some pumpkins and plop 'em on the mantle & front stoop and call it a day.

    BTW, I sorta hate you right now b/c you own that divine beveled mirror!. =] GORGEOUS!


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