If you are reading this, you will love Simply Cville

A few weeks ago, our local lighting mecca was giving away a very cool lamp via Facebook. I was convinced said lamp belonged on my desk. I entered the give away and waited. I never heard anything and went to figure out who walked off with "my" lamp.

When I found the winner, I found that there was another amateur decorator blogging in Charlottesville. At first, I felt competitive. I mean, this dude already took my lamp and now he's going to write a design blog? This town isn't big enough for two of us, right?

Wrong. First, this isn't a town, it's a small city. Second, I remembered that I'm always envious when the bloggers in other areas talk about their meet-up parties and shopping excursions. I want a local, blogger friend, too! Whether he knows it or now, Ed of Simply Cville is my new blogger friend.

I think that if you're reading this, you should be Ed's friend, too. He has just started to reveal beautiful pictures of his house and if what he has shared already is any indication, there are many inspirational posts to come. Just take a look at these:

What I love most about Ed's blog is that what he does isn't out of reach. His pictures and ideas are truly inspirational, but in no way unattainable. You can do this. He tells you how. Go see.


  1. Wonderfully generous of you to give Ed a shout-out, and I hope he does the same for you! I like your blog. Stopping by from SITS...come see me. I'm a newbie to this blog world as well......

  2. putting ed on my blog list!! maybe i should have a blogging sale and party at the store. we could have a private after-hours meet and greet!! :)
    (and 30% off any one item....)

  3. Jeanine!

    I was just catching up on your blog and saw your wonderful shout-out! Thank you so much!You are the original amateur Design Diva of our great, Southern city! We will have to get our network going! :)

    And Anita, I love the blog party/sale idea!



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