Happy Halloween!

I'm not sure I'll be able to post tomorrow, so I'll wish you a happy Halloween one day early.

My lack of crafting skill is a frequent theme on this blog, but Baxter's costume from last year was my one, shining moment. I wanted him to have a simple costume without a bunch of clothing (he tolerates a Barbour field jacket when it rains, but that's it). I bought hair extensions at a beauty supply store and sewed them onto the elastic you get at the dance store to attach to ballet slippers.

Baxter didn't love his costume and I was able to catch him yawning when he tried it on for the first time (dogs yawn for a bunch of reasons, but often as a calming mechanism). It wound up looking like a big roar!

I only wound up putting it on him for three events, a pet Halloween parade, a trick-or-treat event for charity, and a photo shoot. I'll have photos of this year's costume, which is decidedly less crafty, in a few days.


  1. OMG that picture is hysterical!! I love it! Such a cutie.

  2. Bwaahahahaw!!! I think I'm in love w/ Baxter.

    Staring at my black dog & wondering how he'd look in a blond mane. Hmmm.....


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