Furniture nostalgia

A little over a month ago, I stumbled upon a familiar looking cabinet at Circa, a local second hand furniture store. It was in beautiful condition, with working hardware, and just a little dust layering the inside.

Circa wanted $150 for it, which made me laugh. That cabinet originally cost many thousands of dollars. I know because my aunt had the same cabinet in her home in New York City for years (not saying the cabinet in Circa is my aunts...I don't think that was clear at first). Seeing the piece brought back good memories of Thanksgiving dinners and birthday parties at my aunts house. For a half second, I wanted it out of feelings of nostalgia, but my home is small and my decor doesn't fit this beautiful piece.

My aunt and uncle are about to move back into their place after a major renovation and redecoration. They decided to give their cabinet to my mother and while I was visiting home for a day last week, I got to see it in my parent's house. All those good memories came back when I saw it. I'm glad it's staying in the family.

Pardon the wires...I'm too lazy to photoshop them out

Century made the cabinet and legs separately so people could choose the base style that best fit their style. Perhaps this is why the Charlottesville cabinet was in the back annex at Circa. The legs weren't with it and people couldn't figure out what to do with it!

Someone needs to get into Circa and snap this up. It's such an interesting, unusual piece!


  1. I love this piece - eyed it in Circa for months! Don't really have room for it in my place though unfortunately. Looks wonderful in your aunt's place!

  2. I love Circa. Was just there recently and managed to miss seeing this beautiful piece, though.


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