Book shelf styling

How interesting to see J. Crew stores styling their shelves with books flipped around to show the pages instead of the spines. This look has been popping up more and more and seems like something many of us everyday decorators could adapt pretty easily to work in our homes.

Maybe I'll give up on having a beautiful rainbow of books on my shelves now.

How do you arrange your books? By subject? Height? Color?


  1. My books are organized by author, with height as a decider sometimes.

  2. Hi Jeannine!

    I just discovered your blog from My Notting Hill's list of blogs! Just wanted to say hello because I'm from Charlottesville (now in the DC area) and I enjoy reading your blog! Unfortunatly mine has been neglected for several months but I look forward to getting back into it!

  3. My books are organized by which ones I have read and which ones I need to read....

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back anytime. I plan to come back and look around your blog.

    BTW - Where is Ridgewood, NJ... I was born in Neptune, NJ and have family in Cherry Hill, NJ (although I'm considered a southern girl now since I've been here longer than I was in New Jersey AND my mom spells her name exactly the same as you do, which not many people with that name spell it that way...)


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