UVA's EcoMods - Small, Chic, and in Cville!

There's something about unusually small homes that delights me. Perhaps it's the little girl in me that loves all things miniature. Or perhaps these small spaces promise simple, uncomplicated living and that appeals when days are hectic and full of to-do lists and the monotone symphony of my iPhone as it chirps about another meeting request or email.

I got a UVA press release this morning that reminded me that there are a few small homes scattered around Charlottesville and one more is on its way. The homes are called ecoMODS. These small, efficient homes are built by students from the Architecture and Engineering students and upon completion, they are installed somewhere in Charlottesville. As I poked around the ecoMOD website, I was struck by how attractive the interiors are.

I did some googling and found an Architectural Record article that describes ongoing efforts to monitor energy consumption. The press release has a quote from an ecoMOD resident who said that a professor was able to tell her how much each load of laundry was costing her.

This is afford, eco-friendly housing? I need these kids to come over to my place.

The narrow rooms don't seem so small with folding tables and counters.

I think that's an Ikea sink

All photos from the ecoMOD website


  1. Gosh, I love these homes. The interiors are just so lovely and simple, but still interesting. I live in a young city full of ugly box houses and it is so nice to see that a little design ingenuity can create so much nicer living spaces. I would rather live in one of these than any big box house designed by a contractor who can't even hire an architect (or maybe a crummy one).

    It amazes me how having a few interesting windows really gives a space character!

    Graet post! Sorry I haven't been by much but will catch up on your posts after our trip. I do love your blog!!

    Terri xo


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