A treasure sitting in a warehouse

A few weeks ago, I stopped at one of our more popular used furniture stores just to look around. I was a bit startled when I stumbled upon this cabinet in an annex.

It's a Karges cabinet. I know this because my aunt had it in her living room for years and she gave it to my mother a few weeks ago (her NYC co-op is being completely redecorated). I was pretty shocked when I checked the price tag - $125. This cabinet cost the original owner thousands. It was sold separately from its legs, which purchasers would pick based on their style.

Recently, a man came to buy the desk I'm trying to sell on Craigslist and after checking out the desk and confirming that it was of the quality I advertised (I think he actually congratulated me, which was odd), he talked and talked for about half an hour about the great, quality furniture he buys, his house out in the country (my custom made, Italian desk was for his city place, which is less impressive, of course), and his patronage of various causes. I thought this guy would love the Karges cabinet. The only problem was that he wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to tell him about this treasure that was sitting in a warehouse a few blocks from my place!

So, if anyone is looking for a great deal, contact me and I'll tell you where to find this interesting cabinet. The hardware alone is worth the $125 price tag.


  1. What a find!

    I would need a bigger suitcase for that. :)


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