Small & Chic paint storage

As a condo dweller, I'm without a garage, basement, or much storage space. I most certainly don't have room to keep paint cans around the house. I read somewhere about paint savers made by Tupperware or Rubbermaid, but the last thing I wanted was to spend $15 on a plastic storage container. One day, after pulling a Classico sauce jar out of the dishwater, I realized that I should be holding onto them instead of adding them to the recycling. I started saving the clean jars and have been slowly transferring my leftover paint to them.

With the paint in jars in the pantry, they're more accessible than paint cans stashed in the back of a closet. I don't think twice about popping open a jar when a wall needs a little touch up. Some plastic wrap between the lid and the jar prevents dried paint from collecting in the grooves.


  1. Tha is a fantastic way to store paint! Love it! I might just have to snag that idea! And I totally am dying for a label maker...that organizational freak in me must have it.

  2. Sweet storage - paint has never looked so good! I'm a huge fan of mason jars - I love drinking out of them in the summer and use them a lot for storage.

    I also like that as you have multiple similar shades you can easily see what shade goes with what room (by the label and holding the jar to the wall). My place came painted with extra paint in the basement and it takes some guesswork to decide what goes where.

    Thanks for the idea!!

  3. That is AWESOME!

    I've currently got a big milk crate full of painting supplies and paint cans and I've been staring at it wondering what on earth to do. I've also, as luck would have it, got a ton of jars that I felt guitlty recycling. :) Thanks!!

  4. Good idea - very organized. We have a big basement, so our paint lives there for now but I love this idea for apartments and condos.

  5. What a good idea. I just found your blog and have really enjoyed it. I grew up in Cville so that adds a fun twist for me.

  6. They're quite pretty together. I have a garage and I don't have spare jars so it's not needed, but I'm going to pass it on to others who might need the space.

    I keep my paint on a shelf in the garage. On the can, I wrote which room in which it was used.


  7. awesome idea! Your paint jars look so pretty together.

  8. that is the best idea! i have so many paint cans, this way they look better too!

  9. I had to add this post link to Mrs. Limestone's current post about labeling her leftover paint. I'm totally stealing her label and your pasta jar idea to get rid of all my old paint cans!


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