Simple floral arrangmenent when your florist is the grocery store

Last week, when faced with a visit from a CBS camera crew, I decided that I needed something to liven up my desk. I needed some flowers. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well and I had a ton of work to do. So, the night before the visit, I ran to Harris Teeter (grocery store) to see if I could quickly throw some sort of simple arrangement together. I was faced with carnations, roses, a few pom pom looking things, gerbera daisies, and fillers. That's when I remembered a picture I had seen in Real Simple.

Baby's breath. The filler I've always told florists not to use in arrangements (because I honestly don't love how they smell) might actually be sort of cute. I grabbed three bunches, some Nyquil, and scurried home.
$12 in baby's breath + a Waterford vase

Since the interview, I did some googling and found a great wedding blog post about baby's breath arrangements being used in weddings. The pictures are beautiful!


  1. Lovely!

    I buy all of my flowers from Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. So much cheaper and nicer than the florists in St. Louis!

  2. First thing I do is rip the baby's breath out of any bouquet. But you're right - by itself, it has a whole different look.


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