Seeing the forest through the trees

My living room is a mess.

Not a mess in the sense of piles of clutter and junk, but a design mess. I'm still waiting for my new sofa to arrive (ETA is late next week), Baxter "wagged" a cup of coffee onto the rug last week (cleaning tips, anyone?), I took my art down because it was hung with my old armoire in the room, and my Sony Wega TV, which used to be pretty cool because it has a flat screen, looks like Hummer in a parking lot of hybrids.

Yesterday, I had a brilliant idea to feel like there was progress in the room. I decided to paint tone on tone, horizontal stripes on one or two walls. It would look great, right? The magazines and blogs are full of beautiful pictures of rooms with striped walls.

Picture from Apartment Therapy

I quickly fired off a note about this idea to my design blogger friends (really mentors since all are way more established and inspiring than I) and one kindly responded with a gentle suggested that I should be cautious about this. Of course, she was right. This is an open floor plan. Striped walls are and all or nothing type project. What's more, they're a tad trendy. I love how they look, but it's probably better to use them in a small space that could be redone easily in the future.

This morning when I woke up, I remembered that the horizontal stripes a fell in love with a while back weren't on anyone's walls...they were on curtains! I had seen some black and white striped curtains in Veranda or Domino and wanted to use something similar in my living room.

I have to remember to be patient. Seeing one blogger after another debuting finished projects has made me a little impatient. I so want to be able to call a room "done" that I'm considering all sorts of design ideas that aren't really me.


  1. Hey, another stripe obsession. It must be going around like swine flu. :)

  2. Join me in the Land of Un-Doneness!! It's a magical place, I tell you.

  3. Is a room ever really done? Not for me it's not! Of course, I feel like I'm perpetually in the state you describe - my living room especially. I'm waiting on a few major purchases (new sofa or slipcover & a huge rug) that contribute to that limbo. Drives me crazy!

    On that note, actually, would love to have your thougths if you can swing by the blog sometime. This post describes a living room design dilemma I have right now, and I'm looking for fellow bloggers' thoughts!


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