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The replies (on Facebook) I got to my post from Friday (new TV? The print I've been admiring?) made me realize how much still needs to be done in the living room. Part of me would love to go and buy all the things I want to move this room closer to picture of it that I have in my head, but prudence requires me to go slowly. The big change of the week was changing the desk in the room.

I finally sold my old desk on Craigslist, just after people from on design message board commented that they liked the juxtaposition of my modern ghost chair next to the Federalist style desk. Oh well! In came the desk I've been thinking about for quite some time - a simple, sleek parsons desk. I had considered buying the desk through, but West Elm had the lacquered finish I wanted and they were running a sale.

After I assembled the desk and put things back in order, I realized that for the first time in a while, most of the wood in the common area (dining + living rooms) matches. I still have two leopard print stools that have wood legs and an etagere that's wood, but I'm stuck on everything being matchy-matchy, so those are fine in the room.

Bonus: Though the desk is smaller, the area under it is larger, so Baxter can stand up under it. He has had no problem adapting to napping under the new desk. :)


  1. Wow! So excited that I found your blog!!!!! I'm having lots of fun catching up with all of your posts!!! Love the ghost chair with the Parson's desk!!!

  2. Isn't it weird how one's tastes and interests change?! In my experience, since starting to read (way too many) design blogs, my design preferences have really expanded and I'm much more open to things I never would have before! I loved your Federalist style desk, but also love the Parsons desk - I say do what you love!

    Oh, and I want both your desk and ghost chair! :)


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