Moving away from plastic

I said I was moving towards modern design and that it what brought Kartell's Louis Ghost Chair into my house. That's a huge piece of plastic (well, really acrylic). But I'm also moving away from having plastic in the house. Plastic in the kitchen, that is.

I started noticing a lot of bloggers writing about getting rid of the plastic they had in their kitchens. Apartment Therapy's green blog had a poster talk about not even using plastic wrap or foil for food storage. I'm not quite ready for that, but I decided to get rid of the plastic bins in which I've been storing my baking supplies. I scoured The Container Store website, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and the other usual sites for glass storage containers, but most seemed to sell large, bulbous things that are meant to sit on the counter. For some reason, those things remind me of Little House on the Prairie (remember how Nellie would take candy from the jar on the counter in the general store) and they also eat up way too much space when your counter space is as limited as mine is. What's more, many glass containers had lids that were snug, but not air tight, which is important when humidity and air can affect what you want to store.

Oddly, I found the perfect jars hiding on a shelf at Marshall's. The lids of the jars are air tight, the mouths are wide enough that I can get measuring cups inside them.
One medium jar could fit a bag of confectioner's sugar

The jars are also narrow enough that I can fit five side-by-side in one of my kitchen cabinets. While I was transferring things, I decided to reconfigure my shelves to allow quick assess to things I use every day (coffee, sweetener are right in front now). I never thought of putting the first shelf in the cabinet so low, but it has worked really well so far.

Anyone else trying to cut back on the use of plastic in the kitchen? What have you been doing?


  1. I need to do the same thing!! Thanks for the tips:)

  2. Jeanine, those glass containers are a super idea. Do you know what company they are made by?

  3. Plastic storage containers are bad? Oh boy. Never even thought about it.


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