Let's talk about art

I have strange taste in art.

I like art that makes me laugh. In college, my walls were covered in Monet prints, just as half the walls in my all-female residence hall were. But, I also had a massive, plaster lady bug that I had gotten at a funky gift shop/gallery on Thayer Street in Providence. That lady bug made me so happy and it moved with me many times until it finally broke a few years ago during my last move in Boston.

Anyway, I shouldn't have been so surprised that I became preoccupied with a funny, quirky, beautiful painting of a sheep that I saw at the DC Design House in the spring. The painting, by John Matthew Moore, was in a girl's room designed by Marjory Segal. Marjory was in the room when we toured and I cautiously asked her how much it was. I imagine that had the price been surprising, I would remember it. I don't, so it must have been appropriate for the size of the painting (and therefore out of my reach). I thought about the little sheep and even took a screen shot of it when DC Spaces magazine ran an article about the house.

That article ran in DC Spaces' art issue. One of the articles talked about how acquiring art shouldn't be intimidating and people should just email artists and galleries when they are interested in something. So, I wrote to John Matthew More on Friday afternoon. He replied a few hours later.

The little sheep was sold to some lucky collector, but he assured me that there are more like her and he was making prints, too. Perhaps the little sheep could be mine after all!

Photo lifted from DC Spaces

She's so cute. And funny. I can't imagine having a bad day with her in my house.

What kind of art draws you in? Do you think this little sheep is a nutty thing to hang on one's wall? Are you a fan of modern? Still life? Portraits?


  1. So cute and IKR! I think every single girl in my dorm had a Monet print on her wall! :)

  2. I'm a fan of the quirky, kind of weird, & personal story types of art. I want my art to tell a story about who we are; individually & as a couple. I want it to share where we've been & who've we met. I loathe art picked up at the big box store.

  3. i don't think i have an art type. i just like what i like, i guess. LOVE the sheep.


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