Killer shower curtain revisited

Amazingly, the most popular post on this blog thus far has been the one in which I asked if my shower curtain was killing me. That post has gotten so many hits that I have actually worried about people. Is someone actually googling a phrase close enough that my blog is returned as a top hit?

I thought I'd revisit this topic to provide an update. I got rid of my plastic shower curtain liner a little over a month ago and replaced it with a fabric liner that was about $15 at Target. I was pleased by the absence of the plastic smell in the bathroom and the extra fabric damped the noise in the bathroom, too.

I have washed the curtain a couple times and it has turned out well. Though the care label said to wash in cold water without bleach, I used warm water and bleach. No problems there.

In the end, I think I'm saving money. I won't be buying a plastic curtain ever again.

I took this photo while perched on the inside edge of the tub, trying to keep my balance. Are you impressed?


  1. How bizarre that people are taking your shower curtain killing post so seriously? If this is their biggest problem in life then they should be very happy :) But seriously - doesn't the fabric liner hold moisture longer and create a better environment for mold? Ive never had a fabric liner so maybe my assumptions are all wrong.

    I just saw your interview on STLWorkingMom. Did I really change your writing? I know I added the introduction but I didn't mean to offend you by adding something that wasn't yours.

  2. It's funny...water beads up on the curtain, so perhaps it's treated with something that makes it less water logged. It seems to dry quickly.

    I could do an experiment and refuse to wash it until I see signs of mildew. But I don't think I'd make it too long. ;)

    As for the guest blog post, I was trying to point out that part of the post was your writing and part was mine. I don't think you changed much, just edited it down because I dashed that post off late one night and was a bit too long winded.

  3. I really ought to switch out the plastic liner in our guest bath! I remember when I first hung it I couldn't go in there for 3 days it was so strong. Fabric is the way to go!

    AND I have given you the Honest Scrap Award as yours being a brilliant and inspiring blog! I hope you pop over and see!


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