Inexpensive cabinet lighting

I went into Ikea on a whim this weekend while I was driving home from Baltimore. I only planned on grabbing a few picture frames, but you know how that goes. I walked out with picture frames, a cutting board, and some cabinet lighting.

I am not the most confidant electrician, so I was happy to see that Ikea's lights didn't need to be hard wired. They could be plugged into a regular electrical outlet. I wanted to use them above my long wall of cabinets, thinking it would keep me from thinking that the space was for storage (amazing how stuff creeps up there, even when you say you won't put anything on top of your cabinets). There was an outlet in the cabinet over the stove and microwave that would work perfectly.

I didn't have a fancy drill attachment, nor did I have any desire to get out of my pajamas to get one (all my best work is done in my pajamas). So, I used my largest drill bit to bore out a little square to put the plug through the top of the cabinet.

I'm pretty pleased with the results...and these cabinet lights let me leave the super bright overhead kitchen lights off (I'm pretty sure the bulbs in the overhead lights don't dim). They shine a little much, so I might look into some sort of diffuser.

Total cost: $19.99


  1. Looks good - Im a big fan of lights over the cabinets if there is space.

    What about getting some cloudy plastic (the kind you find covering fluroscent lights in drop ceilings) to sit above and diffuse the light? Should be cheap enough at Home Depot.

  2. I have short cabinets too and I hate them! If you ask advice about what to do with them, everyone says to put fake plants up there. Ick. I didn't think to put lights up there.

  3. great idea!! I have an electrical outlet in the same spot. Hmmmm.... idea noted!

  4. Nice idea! We have used the outdoor string lights, or just xmas lights, and laid them up there. Puts out a nice glow but they have to be replaced often.

  5. I love Ikea's lights -- so much so, in fact, that when we built our house last year, we made a special trip up to Ikea just for lighting.


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