Hello Autumn!

Fall is my favorite season. I love it when the crispy, cool air and all the activities come with it. While I wait for the Pink Ladies to come into season up on Carter's Mountain, I'm busying myself outside with changing the containers on my patio over to cold weather plants.

My forever hydrangea is doing okay and even sprouted a few blooms recently. I made the mistake of buying a regular hydrangea for my other large pot, so I won't see anything from that one until next spring.

I transplanted my impatiens to a small container (and they always seem to make it through the winter, so who knows how that will go) and I planted some cheerful mums in the their place.

Last week, kale cabbages showed up at the garden center and I snapped two up for my smaller planters. I can't wait to see how these do over the winter. I think they are supposed to be hardy enough to handle the season.

Anyone else doing some fall planting?


  1. Yes! I'm so jealous of your kale... one of my upcoming projects is to build a garden box (I like to call it an "above ground garden"). I really have little experience, but when things settle down at my house, I plan on beginning the research!


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