A different sort of wallflower

Back when I went to La Difference in Richmond (when I bought my ghost chair), I also bought something else. I started chatting with a staff member about blogging and Twitter. She told me that after Sherry from Young House Love wrote about these Umbra wall flowers, they sold a slew of them to people all over the country. I have to admit that I thought they were a little cheap looking, but I found myself adding them to my order.

I thought the flowers could add a little humor and something unexpected to the little hallway outside my bathroom, where I have been hanging my sketches.

I liked the clever packaging.

I barely laid the flowers out in a pattern. I scattered them across the dining room table and started hammering pins into the wall. After a while, I took a break and decided to finish hanging the flowers after a day of looking at the pattern I had already laid out.

I wish I could take a panoramic shot because the flowers move across three different walls in the hallway. Here's the best picture I could manage. What do you think of the final result?


  1. What are they made out of?
    I've seen a lot of DIY flowers like this for throw pillows!

  2. They're actually a flexible plastic. I wish they were ceramic.

  3. They look awesome! And I totally second you on the wish-they-were-ceramic thing. How amazing would that be?

    Oh and thanks for the shout out!

    s (& j)

  4. Was thinking of adding these to the empty wall above my desk but Im afraid I'll be sick of them too soon and then I'll have all these tiny holes in my wall.

    But you are swaying me ...I might need them now :)

  5. You might think that having a bunch of flowers would be too busy but the pure white has such a clean and crisp look. I purchased the Umbra butterflies and have them on a large vent in the living room of my loft near the ceiling/duct work.

    @Mrs. Limestone - they come with small magnets - if you put them on a vent or something magnetic you could change them at will.


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